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The Lagree Method is the only workout in the world to be patented.

Efficiency: 50 minutes

You stay in the fat-burning zone the entire time the class is in session thanks to slow, controlled, constant tension, rapid transitions, and effective range of motion. Moving platform, weighted springs, and continuous tension necessitate constant core activation. You'll perspire, feel your muscles tremble, and recognize the LINE difference. More intensity is what you need — not more time.​

High Intensity, Low Impact

LINE workouts combine the basics of alignment, breath, and mindful movement without the use of momentum to limit stress on your joints and spine. They are calorie-blasting, low-impact workouts that mix high intensity and low impact movements. 50 minutes of strength, endurance, cardio, balance, and flexibility movements effectively engage the complete body. You are certain to work muscles you had no idea existed after just one session at LINE.​


Strong is slow. You receive long, lean results from each movement that targets your slow-twitch muscle fibers and exhausts the targeted area. Your body alignment also gets better, your core gets stronger, and your cardiovascular endurance goes up. Burn about 600 calories on average to get your metabolism going so it can continue to burn fat, calories, and rebuild muscles over the next 24 to 48 hours. Nothing else exists like it.​
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